How to decorate your pond with plants

Floating planting baskets are the ideal solution for ponds that do not have adequate shelves or place to put plants. It allows for the creation of a wildlife habitat within your pond as well as making planting and maintenance easy.
Floating Basket
The Basket is made of a finely woven fabric over a buoyant Styrofoam float that ensures the basket stays on the surface. They are easily anchored and allows water in but prevents the soil from escaping. They provide shade and shelter for your fish but also with established plant roots will enable the removal of fish waste nutrients from the pond thereby keeping it healthy. We are pleased to welcome a new range of square floating plant baskets and these come in a 25cm and 35cm square range making it easy to create your own planting shelf if you so wish. Another essential addition is the Plant Grow Fertilizer Spikes contain a slow release, well balanced feeding formula which is low in phosphorus and will not impact the pond water quality. Only one dose a year required. Non-toxic to fish and other aquatic life To apply, simply remove one spike from the packet. (there are 3 in a pack) Remove the thin clear plastic cover over the spike body. Insert the spike at a 45-degree angle into the aquatic soil by the base of the plant. Push into the soil until only the top of the spike is visible.