Frequently asked questions

Replacement Parts FAQs

How to find a replacement part
Finding replacement parts is easy. Consult your original manual for a complete listing of replacement parts numbers, simply search our site for that number. If you have a question contact our customer service department or call them on 01977 521032.
It seems very technical, are they hard to install?
Replacement Laguna parts are all easy to install – details can be found in your instruction manual which can also be downloaded from the product page.
Can I buy replacement parts directly from Laguna?
Laguna parts can be purchased from Laguna stockists, or from right here on the Laguna website.
What do I do if my pump stops working?
Usually pumps fail due to a problem with the impeller. Simply removing and cleaning the impeller and impeller housing will solve the problem. Occasionally impellers do break, but are quite cheap and simple to replace.

Ponds FAQs

Creating a pond

Ponds and water gardens can be customised to fit nearly any space and application. Whether you want to create a natural Pond environment, a Koi pond, or simply a water feature, there is always a Laguna product for your needs.

What products do I need to build a pond?

A variety of items are required to start building your own pond. From pond liners, preformed ponds and lily basins to a vast selection of pond accessories, there is so much to choose from. But it doesn’t stop there. You may need to include a pump, a filter, and many other items to suit your pond, all which are all products supplied by Laguna.

Pumps FAQs

Selecting a Pond Pump

Whichever pump you select for your pond, it is important to ensure that the pump you choose is suitable for pond use. Pumps not designed specifically for ponds are not efficient, which costs you money and reduces the pond pump’s life span.

Easy to clean pond pumps

Laguna’s easy to clean pond pumps are essential for circulating pond water and are crucial in the pond construction process.

Energy Efficient Pond Pumps

Our pumps now feature a new generation of technology; an integrated self-regulating system that continuously monitors the pump’s performance, impeller direction, hydraulics and force, which results in one of the most powerful and energy-efficient pond pumps you can buy.

Cost to run a pump

With our energy-saving, smart pump technology, the cost to run a pond pump may be less than you thought. See the wattage information, provided with all our pumps to work out how much it would cost you!

Filtration FAQs

High performance Pond Filters

Laguna’s range of high performance filters provide powerful and effective filtration for a huge variety of pond sizes. These can be combined with our UV sterilizers to ensure a clean and crystal clear pond.

How to Choose the Right Pond Filter

If you need help choosing the right pond filter for you, first calculate the size of your pond, then choose the type of filtration you need using the descriptions we have provided for each type of filter.

How to Clean a Filter

If you are concerned with how to clean your filter, our very popular Pressure-Flo pressurised pond filter has a unique backwash system which enables you to perform routine cleaning in seconds without opening the canister.