The decision to install a pond will be one of the best you ever make, bringing you years of enjoyment. The first step in your pond-keeping journey is deciding if you want a liner or pre-formed pond, and there are advantages to both.

Laguna can guide you through the entire process of how to build and enjoy your pond..

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Ponds FAQs

Creating a pond

Ponds and water gardens can be customised to fit nearly any space and application. Whether you want to create a natural Pond environment, a Koi pond, or simply a water feature, there is always a Laguna product for your needs.

What products do I need to build a pond?

A variety of items are required to start building your own pond. From pond liners, preformed ponds and lily basins to a vast selection of pond accessories, there is so much to choose from. But it doesn’t stop there. You may need to include a pump, a filter, and many other items to suit your pond, all which are all products supplied by Laguna.